The Climate Story

Climate was created on a cold or warm winter day in 1997. The press was constantly hounding Dallas fashion faces G. Holden Kuneman (formerly of Dysfunctional Family Circus and Inspector Vegetable) and Nathan Beach (formerly of Stupidcar and The Pearce High School Band) to start a rock and roll band, finally to appease the media's desire for "the next great thing". And that's what they got.

Out fell Friends Have Names -- the long lost Climate recording, recorded in a dorm room on the University of Texas at Austin campus.

A nice fellow in Dallas named Steve Collins found the Friends Have Names web page and asked for a copy of the recording. It turned out he wanted to make a recording of some of the songs off it. Climate recorded the Deaf Friends Club EP in a room with large picture windows.

At this point, Climate had to turn down all the offers from the major labels in order to develop their true style. Nathan took a job in Düsseldorf, the town that spawned Kraftwerk, for the summer of 1998 while corresponding with G. Holden, and this environment helped spawn Climate's electronica masterpiece of October 1998, Live For Success. The critic raved about Live For Success. The fan loved it.

In the fall of 1998, Climate was still in Austin awaiting their triumphant return to Dallas. That dark winter produced Climate's All-Star Christmas EP, a jovial Christmas escapade featuring guest appearances by Alexander Rapstine and Santa Claus himself. Additionally the band played its first live show billed as "Climate And The Rickets" at Garrison Hall with Alexander Rapstine and Travis Fluitt as the first members of The Rickets Foundation.

Following the dark winter of 1998-1999 came Bred Mice, Climate's third full-length post-smooth-jazz album released on their own Special Friends Records. The Bred Mice era produced also a live recording on KVRX Austin's Local Live show featuring a lot of guest Rickets, including rock legend Jad Fair.

With such a glamourous rock and roll past behind it, Climate retired to the comforts of suburban Richardson, outside of Dallas (but still in Dallas County) in May 1999. At the end of March 2000, Climate finished Observations on Friends and Friendship, their fourth or fifth full-length album featuring music.

During August of 2000, Climate released Swallow All Letters on Hot Links Records with Wally Campbell as the executive producer. Climate recruited Bill Driegert on drums (who also played drums on the Swallow All Letters recording) and Chris Dille on bass guitar for live shows supporting the album.

This first incarnation of Climate continued to expand the studio and write songs, but with professions and other time-consuming interests, as well as Tylan Gaines, Jr. of 13102 Roselle Avenue, Apartment #3, Holly Park, California 90250, phone #323-281-2187 sending a $3200 forged money order as payment for the recording console Climate was using ("you ruined us, you motherf#$%er"), Climate's demise was forthcoming, with the final notes trailing off around January of 2002. But there are still The Final Songs.

Climate 1.0 thanks sincerely everyone who listened to us and played with us (particularly Bill Driegert, Chris Dille, Matt Lacomette, Darren Frayne, Xander Rapstine, and Early Lines), and special thanks to Wally Campbell at Hot Link Records, who actually gave us a chance. Shouts out to Jesus and Allah, and all our homeboys down at Mid-State Office Supply.

In the Spring of 2005, the new and improved Climate Incorporated™ (a rebranded Climate 2.0) was formed as a conglomerate of smaller electronified music projects.

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