2006: Ceauşescu’s Great Escape

Ceauşescu’s Great Escape

All songs by Nathan Beach and Grant K
© 2006 Bryan’s Cabin Songs, ASCAP
Album Artwork by Nathan Beach

Recorded in Grant’s Special Room
Tracking November 2005 – March 2006
Climate Homemade Records

Very loosely based on Climate’s hit 1998 album, Live For Success!.

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  1. A Fascinating Study (0:09)
  2. How To Maximize The Power Of Shirts (0:20)
  3. Saloth Sar No Cry (0:40)
  4. Dotted Rhythms (1:04)
  5. Madame Rentz’s Female Minstrels (1:29)
  6. Olivet Michigan (1:35)
  7. The Family Dynasty (1:42)
  8. Office Politics (1:42)
  9. A 20th-Century Approach To Men’s Clothing (2:01)
  10. We Have Friends (3:00)
  11. Ceauşescu’s Great Escape (3:06)
  12. Esther Hart’s Piano (3:36)
  13. Erosion (3:56)
  14. The Executive Spouse (5:50)
  15. Sun Ship (14:24)

© 2006 Bryan’s Cabin Songs, ASCAP
Licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0


A Fascinating Study

this is a fascinating study of successful
and unsuccessful people

Saloth Sar No Cry

photo day
white washed gloves

saloth sar no cry
(you looked perfect today)
saloth sar no cry
(threw your tv’s away)

waking up dead
with the poison tree
a roman holiday
in the kampuchea

saloth sar no cry
(don’t hide your jaw of traitor)
saloth sar no cry
(essence of the revolution)

saloth sar say good bye
to phnom penh
and your tuol sleng friends

The Family Dynasty

cunning wood shop
grasp of the English language
led to family dynasty
and plundered economy

demonstrations in the street
fighting prostitutes in the city
700 a month turned in 100 million

shot at a party where two sons
rise in the wake of violent earthquake

the assassinated poet was himself shot and killed
his body beaten, spat upon, dumped

we buy blood from the lower classes
sell at huge markups to American masses

i am smiling just the same

bypass, bypass
you must use my concrete

We Have Friends

when you come home
please come home to me
someone will be waiting
with some cups of tea
(blessed celibacy)

dallas air field
now called an air port
(“dfw” for short)
blurried people
head for the worthy fort
(others are the dallas sort)

lots of people
seem to go nowhere
(don’t forget to share)
no one has friends
when the do not share
(lonely like a bear)

we have friends and are so friendly
we should win the swiss presidency
we made hitler like red army
jimmy carter, he has nothing on me

i gotta go gotta go my memory’s calling me
turning the screws into the new history

Ceausescu’s Great Escape

lifestyles and memories
false hopes and painted trees
my phone’s stretched to the street
a high living standard
broadcast on your tv

the bird’s head
sinks in the bird bath
the SensoTainment, she said
we can’t afford that
the peasants think that i’m mean
you gotta stay home
and feel my loving wrath

ceausecu and emil bobu
the airfield where i last held you
i say we go to the sea
you said our motto was
‘nothing without god’

the car chase catastrophe
you used to whisper under the bedsheets
i’d like my lawyer to speak
our bloody corpses
broadcast on your tv

[sample: Ceausescu’s final speech to the Romanian people]

The Executive Spouse

(a tribute to ole Pinochet)

filled up boxes with ship sails
worked a while with a spade and a pail
little reason to stay on the job
with all the people at cien águilas

make time for our movie lucia
make time for our movie lucia

in ’59 we started a home
antofagasta with esmeralda
if i succeed they’ll promote me
sub-director of the acadamie

make time for our movie lucia
make time for our movie lucia

my rise to power has made me withdraw
from the miracle of shops, cars, and roads
what do i need lately?
a peaceful kitchen
and a hammer and nails

make time for our movie lucia
make time for our movie lucia