1997: First Recording

First Recording

All songs by Nathan Beach and Grant K with Eeh-Hyung Kim
© 1997 Bryan’s Cabin Songs, ASCAP

Recorded in Cheehyung’s Bedroom, Austin
Recording by David Wingo
On 1 November 1997

We started out playing with an excellent guitarist named Eeh-Hyung Kim. He played with us for the first couple of months and helped out writing the songs on this demo. David Wingo recorded it for us to 4-track in Cheehyung Kim’s bedroom, north of campus in Austin, Texas on 1 November 1997. Just guitars and two microphones. The songs “Your Pants” and “To Belong” are exclusive to this recording, while the rest of them were eventually re-recorded in some form or another. “A Firefighter” is a precursor to the perennial “Executive Spouse”.

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  1. Peter’s Knees (3:02)
  2. A Firefighter (6:28)
  3. Chinese Pin (4:45)
  4. Your Pants (1:28)
  5. Peaceful Ends (0:28)
  6. Body Will (5:05)
  7. To Belong (5:43)

© 1997 Bryan’s Cabin Songs, ASCAP
Licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0