The Peculiar End of December

Album CoverPeculiar DiscPeculiar InsidePeculiar TraycardPeculiar NathanPeculiar GrantAll songs by Nathan Beach and Grant K
© 2013 Bryan’s Cabin Songs, ASCAP

Recorded in North Texas by Climate
Released 22 November 2013
Climate Homemade Records
Artwork by Climate

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  1. Rain, Ice, & Snow (4:38)
  2. A Burial Ground (2:06)
  3. Under Your Eyelids (4:08)
  4. Awkward Symphony, The (4:07)
  5. Wild Sheep (3:38)
  6. Black Tea (2:00)
  7. A Curious Sigh (3:27)
  8. The Beat of My Love (3:00)
  9. Marrow (2:18)
  10. Bound (2:00)
  11. Oral History (2:23)
  12. Snow Angel (3:08)


Rain, Ice, & Snow

rain, the ice, the snow
of which we never wanted to know

A Burial Ground

the world as a thread
for a dangerous edge
a burial ground

the world as a threat
tea time’s offset
a burial ground

the word as a threat
a simple sobriquet
a burial ground

the word as a thread
tied to the dead
a burial ground

Under Your Eyelids

rifle in the snow
melts to ground below
rife with screws and pins
paens with all tries in
under your eyelids

somehow i thought you knew
a terminal field of view
willfully slides askew
shades of bavarian blue
under your eyelids
lay your eyes

bees may have a sting
spiders are in the sink
why can’t i just not think?
i’m fearful of everything

all of our things have sold
swimming pool has grown cold
how did we get so old
as a pair of waning souls

just another lunar day
grey and black every which way
bedsheets in disarray
and radioactive decay

Awkward Symphony, The

light and august
winter comes slow
from this house of dark

i still fear you
when will you go

unechoed feedback
peat bogs and saw
yards of filose sparks

i still fear you
when will you go

Wild Sheep

the shores of barbary
are sticking to my knees
a different kind of land
where ships fall from the sea

the mock detective tale
that’s stuck inside of me
i wish we could set sail
as caprid escapees

an elemental brand
the grit between my teeth
from a shiny leg of lamb
and the joy of jealously

i’ve done a good job
of hiding it
where you’ll probably
never find it

are nipping at the keel
their moody undertones
are a salty meager meal
of skinny knucklebones

i might just have to sing
of a love long burgeoning
of the little things we said
as we took our daily bread

sketched on bristol
your teeth, your hair
skin of charcoal

Black Tea

you don’t think it’s that great
it might be a little too late
scrape the meat of the grate
what the fuck did you think that i might do

we slice the samples in two
made the neighbors some stew
i’m always thinking of you
what the fuck did you think that i might need

say the word and we’ll breed
give the donkey some feed
i wish i could never read
i go to the kitchen and make me some black tea

what do you think i should be
like a grain merchant with seed
i just provide for your needs
at the holy sake of my soul

A Curious Sigh

moon rise
parking lights
curious sighs
skirt the edge of the river

she speaks
with open beak
pass the scent of an apple

back on land
feet in the sand
shell in your hand
make a sketch of a sunset

steps fail
on the mountain trail
some sirens wail
at sailors longing for mooring

come back down
to a rumbling sound
fall to the ground
icicles from the door frame

once dead
sun and dread
turned my head
onto legions of people

make a date
it’s an hour wait
for a dinner plate
yet you stay up late for the sprinklers

it’s half noon
a bit too soon
reduce the volume
on the patio speakers

The Beat of My Love

i need to wake up to your sweet love
or i’ll die
if i woke up alone
i’d die

if i stumble
you break my fall
but in your eyes
i never stumbled at all

despite a push and a shove
and a slip on the rug
you feel the beat of my love

i can’t lose
i can’t lose
i can’t lose

when i’m beat down in my mind
late at night
i just stay still
and then i sigh

and when i get up
to heed the call
i see your eyes
in the light of the hall

despite a push and a shove
and a slip on the rug
you feel the beat of my love


thursday night
stand at the fridge
you lost your wallet
back at the bridge

ceiling light
and a tv tray
i just might
find the end of the day

you might be sleepy
you might be slow
you sleep through the cannons
you sleep through the snow

it’s pulling us inward
right into the marrow

if you keep sleeping
you’ll never know
two hands and a car set
the future in tow

it’s pulling us inward
all the way to the marrow


rings bound by two arms
tend to fall freely
rings bound
time wanders feebly

sheets torn and bloodied
tight round her ankle
she gone
things can’t be undone

tell me it’s over
tell me it’s over
take it now

i am so sorry
that turned out that way
when to fall
choices that we made

Oral History

darkness in the yard
back door left ajar
for all history

peeled back window shade
a scenic passageway
through our whole history

[can’t shut it out
right through the port
out to the sea now
horizon swollen and meek]

broke out window screen
night time blue it seems
it pauses history

when the day is through
she’ll know what to do
oral history

[can’t shut it out
right through the port
out to the sea now
her eyes are swollen and meek]

Snow Angel

bright and white was the snow
on opening night
angel sprites took flight
with their own might
more or less with fright
or not by a long bite
always polite at first blight
by the burial site

paring away all the nightmares
of a new day
you can have something to say
you can breathe it out your own way
i’ll meet you at the bay
it’s a little less than half way
i always have to pray
that your trip will be a long stay

© 2013 Bryan’s Cabin Songs, ASCAP
Licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0